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    At Litz Tire and Automotive, we understand that where you bring your vehicle for service and repair is an important decision. After all, the safety and reliability of your car depends on it. A common question for car owners… Should I bring my car to a family-owned auto repair shop or to a chain or the dealership?  We think there are some very distinct advantages to working with an independent, family-owned shop like Litz Tire and Automotive. We can summarize it all in one sentence – You have more options when you bring your vehicle to a family-owned auto repair shop.  Here are a just a few of the benefits:

    1. Maintenance Services – Let’s demonstrate this for you by comparing a family-owned restaurant vs. franchised fast food chain. When you walk into a fast food chain, they always ask if you want to “biggie size” your order. It doesn’t matter whether you need it or not, the goal is to get you to buy the larger serving of food. This is similar to the dealership, where you’ll be prompted to purchase more expensive maintenance packages, whether you need the services done or not. As an independent auto repair shop, we base our service and repair recommendations on the 27-point courtesy inspection we complete each time we service your vehicle. We aren’t looking to “biggie size” you on repair or maintenance work.
    2. Replacement Parts – When it comes to any repair work, you’ll be limited to the parts supplied by the a chain or dealership. You may think that’s good, after all, they are putting on parts that are meant for your vehicle. But, is it really a good thing? What if we told you that a family-owned auto repair shop can offer you more choices for replacement parts and the ones we can provide might actually be of higher quality and a better price?
    3. Tires – Here again, we can offer you more options. We are able to shop many different brands of tires and will help you select the right tires for your vehicle and budget. If you want to order your tires from someplace like Tire Rack and have us install them, that’s okay, too.
    4. More Experience – You may think the technicians at a dealership would be more knowledgeable than those at an independent repair shop. However, you’ll find that our technicians provide a higher level of service than most dealership technicians and certainly chains. Not only do they know your vehicle, inside and out, they have broader knowledge and experience. They possess superior diagnostic skills that can only be gained from years of servicing many different makes and models.

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